Meola Reef

On-Leash Off-Leash Bins Toilets Fenced Tap Water Pushchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible


On LeashDogs allowed on-leash
Off LeashDogs allowed off-leash
BinsBins provided
ToiletsToilets available
FencedThere is a fenced area
Tap WaterTap water available
PushchairSuitable for pushchairs
WheelchairSuitable for wheelchairs
PlaygroundNo playground
Address200-208 Meola Road, Western Springs, Auckland 1022, New Zealand
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Large fenced area defined for off leash time. Fine in summer, gumboots needed for winter. Very muddy in winter. Tap water provided for dogs and people, good, grassy with long grass to run in as well. Gravel path runs through. Lovely walk around outside of this area is for on leash dogs. Can swim in sea at the outer edge, but this area was previously a rubbish dump and there are notices warning about pollution. Toilets provided by the smallish car park. Carpark overflows on weekends. This dog park generally has plenty of doggy friends around to socialise with.

Walk suggested by Keydren
Last updated 26 June 2018



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